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Journey Autism and Behavioral Care Center Locations

Dedicated to Excellence

If you’re in Massachusetts or in any nearby state and are searching for autism treatment options, consider looking into what Journey ABA offers our clients. The locations of our centers are all in Brookline right outside of Boston. 

We’re conveniently located at 1318 Beacon Street #18, Brookline, MA 02446.

Looking for more treatment options for your child with autism? Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding assessments, treatments, programs, and other services. Reach out today online or call 844.222.4513 and a team member will be happy to assist you.

About our Brookline, Massachusetts Location

All Journey Autism and Behavior Care Centers’ locations are in Brookline, Massachusetts. Brookline is a town in Norfolk County that borders six Boston neighborhoods: Fenway–Kenmore, Brighton, Allston, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, and West Roxbury. The city of Newton also lies to the west of it. 

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Brookline was a little more than 63,000. Overall, Brookline is a small but welcoming town where you can feel safe and secure as you look into and explore autism treatment options. It’s a great environment that can support a child with autism and their family. Brookline is about four to six miles from Boston, depending on which roads you take, making it a convenient option for city dwellers.

Treatment Options Offered By Journey ABA

Journey ABA facilities in Brookline provide evidence-based ABA therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Programs and services Journey ABA facilities offer to its clients include autism therapy programs, applied behavior analysis (ABA), individualized and customized care, behavioral intervention, and family training.

Our board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) work collaboratively with the family of a client to create an effective treatment plan that’s sustainable over long periods. How do we do this? We schedule a diagnostic interview with the family, observe the client, and run skill assessments to identify both skill strengths and deficits of the client.

The autism therapy programs Journey ABA creates may address social skills, self-help skills, language skills, and play skills. Assessments of the client can help identify behaviors that may require professional intervention — such as hitting or screaming — so instances of it can be reduced. Assessments can also help identify behaviors that are functional and should be encouraged.

What Sets Journey ABA Apart From Other Health Centers 

Journey ABA facilities in Brookline have clinical staff members that focus on whole family support. We take a family-centered approach — in fact, members of our Family Support Team walk every client carefully through the intake process. Clients are provided with all the information they need and are sure to get the ideal autism treatment program based on their medical history and other personal details.

Apart from this approach, the programs we offer are clinical and led by ABA experts. Additional clinical supervision is always provided by experienced BCBAs, and our clinical staff also has ongoing professional development and training.

Journey ABA doesn’t just offer autism treatment options for children, although we do mainly serve children. Our staff also provides guidance on achieving treatment goals and maintaining long-term success. There are always two clinicians in the room whenever an autism treatment session occurs because a second set of eyes is simply best practice. Journey ABA is very much client-focused, as is obvious in our family-centered approach and the presence of two clinicians in treatment sessions.

Learn More About Journey Autism & Behavior Care Center Locations

If you’re looking for autism treatment options in Brookline, Massachusetts, contact Journey ABA today. Our facilities are only a few miles from Boston. Call 844.222.4513 or reach out to our team online.